Learning and Development

Tell us your goals and provided they are aligned with our business objectives, we can help you achieve them.


We provide learning and development opportunities for all our staff using both internal and external providers. We ensure that our attorneys and lawyers are able to meet their continuing professional development obligations.

Where appropriate, we offer secondment arrangements for our Attorneys with our clients to broaden their understanding of the clients’ needs.

We encourage membership of industry associations and attendance at industry seminars and conferences to allow further skill development and networking opportunities.

Becoming an Attorney

When we employee a Trainee Attorney, we provide financial support for tuition fees while they complete their Masters of Intellectual Property to qualify for registration as a Patent and/or Trademark Attorney. While they are studying we provide paid study leave as well as assistance from a tutor who is an expert in the field.

Contact us

To apply for a role which is advertised on our website or to make an enquiry about a career with Shelston IP, please email careers@shelstonip.com.