Inspection Apps winner of Australian Business Award 2012

Shelston IP congratulates its client Inspection Apps for its recent awards for Best New Product (2012 winner) and Product Design (2012 winner) in the Australian Business Awards for its inspection management software platform. Inspection Apps also finished in the top 20 of the Australian Anthill Magazine’s “Smart 100” list in 2012.

Inspection Apps is a small start-up company operating out of Cairns, Queensland, and is owned and run by Matthew Hanson and Darryl Posgate. The award winning technology is a complete system for assisting Business, Government, Councils, Real Estate, Building Inspectors, Mining, OH&S inspectors, and other parties with carrying out inspections of assets such as property and for also managing the data gathered from the inspections for producing detailed industry standard or customised reports. The technology began with an initial focus on pool fence inspections but the capability of the technology has grown to encompass essentially any type of inspection that can be carried out.

The technology involves communication between mobile devices, used by inspectors to perform inspections and gather inspection data, and a central data server, for allowing users to store and manage the inspection data. The server is accessible as a web interface and provides users with a range of different functions, including:

  • The ability to initially create a customised “App” for a mobile device having an inspection checklist that is based on the specific industry, inspection type etc
  • Producing customised inspection reports to be sent to a customer
  • Managing and scheduling of mobile inspectors for efficiently carrying out inspections of assets across different geographic areas at various times
  • Invoicing customers for inspection jobs and managing repairs of the assets following an inspection.

“It is a scheduler, an email tracker, a document tracker, a forward planner, it can auto-invoice, create any layout PDF report, and automatically request repair quotes. It has management reports and can be coded simply to provide email reminders, or specific prompts at specific times,” (Matthew Hanson, Courier Mail, 27 April 2012).

The technology is already in use and producing efficient results. The future of the technology looks bright and the possible applications are wide reaching.

Shelston IP is proud to be assisting Inspection Apps in protecting the intellectual property of its award winning technology.

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