Shelston IP supports Girls Invent in its mission to encourage innovation

Shelston IP is delighted to announce its relationship with Girls Invent, an organisation dedicated to inspiring and motivating girls to become successful innovators. At Shelston IP, innovation is our passion, and we are excited to support Girls Invent through our pro bono advice program in its mission to encourage innovation.


Girls Invent was created by Dr Mark Glazebrook in early 2015. Mark has an extensive background as a social and business innovator and led corporate responsibility for 15 years for a large multinational and now advises businesses. He is also a successful inventor and product developer. Girls Invent was inspired during a conversation Mark had with his teenage daughter Taya about the lack of prominent female inventors.

Girls Invent now runs workshops and offers other training tools targeted primarily at girls aged around 12-16 years. Using examples of successful inventions created by women as a starting point, the workshops encourage girls to generate their own ideas for innovative products using an ideation framework. Girls then work through the process of turning ideas into reality: design, feasibility, market research, intellectual property, resourcing and possible routes to market. The program culminates in a “Shark Tank” like pitch session organised by Girls Invent/Scale Investors.

In less than a year, the program has gone from strength to strength. Originating primarily in Victoria, it is now working with 27 Australian schools across the East coast, including private and public schools, co-ed and girls only schools and schools in both metro and regional and remote locations. Over 300 students have been enabled to invent their own products and businesses for the first time and to progress these to market readiness. Girls Invent plans to support the real world transition by hosting an online marketplace offering products developed through its programs.

What’s more, Girls Invent has recently formed a partnership with a Ghanaian NGO to support girls in Ghana who wish to become entrepreneurs and build economic independence. The first Skype workshops have just begun. In 2016, it will also be working with young Australian mothers who have experienced disrupted education but wish to create their own employment opportunities.

Girls Invent is also keen to partner with corporates to extend its reach across Australia. Its Corporate Supporters Program offers in house workshops for families of employees, to enhance employee engagement and spread the Girls Invent message even further, while allowing companies to support its ongoing efforts to embed innovation in the Australian educational curricula of the future.

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Supporter of Girls Invent, or would like any further information on its offerings, please visit its website at or contact Katrina Crooks or Caroline Bommer at Shelston IP.

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