Smoothy Suspension Buggy gains Sports Medicine Australia recommendation

Shelston IP client, Australian owned golf company, Under Par Pty Ltd, has gained a Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) recommendation for its Smoothy Suspension Buggy, making it the first and only SMA-endorsed product in the golf marketplace.


SMA is Australia’s peak national advisory body for sports medicine and sports science, and it awards recommendations to products on the basis that they are among the highest quality in their field; and that they promote safe and healthy physical activity. The Smoothy Suspension Buggy achieved the SMA recommendation because its design features strive to minimise strain and injury, and help improve golf performance.

According to Brett Clarebrough, Managing Director of Under Par Pty Ltd, the Smoothy Suspension Buggy was specifically designed and engineered to be the ergonomic solution in golf buggies for both amateur and professionals alike.

“With the biomechanics of golf at the forefront of mind, we designed the Smoothy Suspension Buggy with an independent suspension system on all three wheels; and a push-not-pull mechanism,” said Mr Clarebrough.

“These features make the buggy effortless to use and it takes the pressure and stress off the joints and muscles in the back, shoulder and arm regions – the most injury-susceptible areas in golf. By minimising effort and muscular discomfort on the course, the Smoothy Suspension Buggy allows the golfer to play to their potential and enjoy the full benefits of the game.

“Gaining an SMA recommendation for the Smoothy Suspension Buggy is a testament to Under Par’s commitment to developing golf equipment of exceptional quality, performance and comfort,” Mr Clarebrough said.

The independent suspension system on all three wheels acts to protect the golfer from bumps and irregularities of typical golf course terrain by absorbing shock and jarring effects. The three-way suspension also lightens the golfer’s load because the weight of the clubs is evenly dispersed across the widest possible area. Furthermore, the buggy is easier to handle and manoeuvre because each wheel has self-governing activity.

The push-not-pull mechanism capitalises on the proven fact that pushing a load places less stress on the body than pulling a load, because body weight can assist with the movement. This can reduce post-exercise soreness, weakness and muscular strain; as well as have significant ergonomic effects.

About the Smoothy Suspension Buggy

The Smoothy Suspension Buggy was launched in January 2004, and has been the number one selling golf buggy in Australia since 2005 as voted by the Australian Golf Trade. It is equipped with all standard features in the Smoothy range, but also includes adjustable frame size to fit male and female golfers of all shapes and sizes; light weight; fully collapsible; seat option and drink holder.

Shelston IP is delighted to have assisted Under Par Pty Ltd and Brett Clarebrough to obtain patent protection for the suspension of the Smoothy Suspension Buggy, as well as Trade Mark protection for the SMOOTHY brand.