Australian Designs – Changes on the way

IP Australia has now released its proposals for implementing the recommendations of the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property’s (ACIP) to improve the Australian designs system.   For background, in 2012 ACIP was asked to investigate and improve the effectiveness of the designs system in stimulating innovation by Australian users and the impact the designs system

Moves to abolish the innovation patent

Since 2001, Australia has had a second tier innovation patent system that provides a very fast patent grant with a limited term, delayed examination and no obviousness test, but rather a reduced innovative step test.   The system was introduced to attempt to stimulate innovation in Australian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by providing an easy, quick and inexpensive way to achieve protection for

Live or let die? – Formal recommendations to abolish Australia’s Innovation patent system

In June 2014, following a three year plus review process with a broad range of inputs, ACIP (the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property), published a “final” report on the effectiveness of the Australian innovation patent system.  Despite the results of its own economic research commissioned as part of that review, it was unable to come

Another innovation patents review underway

The Australian Council of Intellectual Property (ACIP) has announced another review of the innovation patents system. This review will again look at options in dealing with the innovation patents system, where issues, including the granting of patents that lack an inventive step test (so they are otherwise obvious), has led to substantial frictions in trade

Update on the review of Australian designs

Regular readers may remember our article of December 2012 regarding the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property (ACIP) review of the Australian Designs Act 2003. Following on from that review, we wish to advise that ACIP have now released their Issues Paper and the following areas have been highlighted for comment: Duration of design protection Grace

Australian designs under review

As many practitioners would be aware, the Australian Designs Act 2003 is currently under review by the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property (ACIP), in order to determine its effectiveness since implementation in 2004. Shelston IP has been assisting ACIP with this review and to date we have made comments and recommendations along the following lines.

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