Tricks of the trade: Can you just do a quick search on …?

I often hear that a patent search won’t take long, or it will be a small search, or get asked to do a quick search, and in some cases that’s probably right, but in other cases, by which I mean most, things are not always as small as they appear.  I’m going to risk expulsion

Ongoing progress towards Europe’s community patent

It is possible to get a European Patent granted, but in order to enforce it an applicant must proceed via a bundle of individual patents covering selected countries within the European Union. The present system can be both expensive and complex – and many Australian-based patentees shy away from it as a result. However, moves

The cooperative patent classification

Anyone who has tried to use the United States Patent Classification (USPC) will know how notoriously difficult it is to understand, especially if your initial experience with patent classification is with the International Patent Classification (IPC) or the European Classification System (ECLA). The Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) is a joint effort between the European Patent