Extending time in New Zealand – statutory versus purposive considerations

The management of patent deadlines is a persistent consideration in the IP world, with the consequences of missing one potentially being the irreversible loss of patent rights. Fortunately, New Zealand legislation provides for the extension of some of these deadlines (including acceptance, but excluding divisional deadlines).  In our recent experience, IPONZ has been generally understanding in

Missed an Australian patent deadline? Here’s what to do

In some jurisdictions, patent prosecution deadlines and deadlines for payment of maintenance fees (sometimes called renewal fees) are a “life and death” issue and missing a deadline can be fatal, resulting in the irretrievable loss of rights.  Australia, however, has a more lenient approach and the legislation very generously provides for extensions of time, affording

Raising the bar for patent opposition procedures

Certain changes prescribed by the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Act 2012 are due to come onto effect on 15 April 2013. In addition to the widely-publicised tightening of patentability standards and patent examination procedures, a notable change will be the streamlining of patent opposition procedures and, of particular note, the introduction of regulations