Australia remains a gene-patent friendly jurisdiction

When the Australian High Court ruled against the patentability of isolated naturally occurring genes in the Myriad decision, a number of commentators believed that the decision would ultimately invalidate claims directed to methods involving the practical application of genes. A recent Federal Court decision, however, has confirmed that claims directed to methods involving the correlation

Push for gene patent ban in Australia resurrected

Seemingly unsatisfied by two recent Senate Inquiry Reports which rejected proposals to legislate against gene patents, the proponents of gene patent reform appear to have resurrected their cause via a new Private Members’ Bill which once again seeks to ban gene patents in Australia. In September 2011, we reported that an attempt to ban gene

Inevitable change to the Australian patent system progresses

On 23 November 2011, the Federal Government tabled its combined response addressing the recommendations of the Senate Gene Patents Report (November 2010) and a number of previous reports into gene patenting and patentable subject matter in Australia. In their response, the Government endorsed a number of recommendations which aim at increasing the quality of granted