Another innovation patents review underway

The Australian Council of Intellectual Property (ACIP) has announced another review of the innovation patents system. This review will again look at options in dealing with the innovation patents system, where issues, including the granting of patents that lack an inventive step test (so they are otherwise obvious), has led to substantial frictions in trade

Australian government takes drastic action to curb Australian innovation patents

Australia’s unique innovation patent system provides inventors with a useful tool for protecting lower level innovations, thereby plugging the gap between the protection available under the registered design system and that afforded by the standard patents regime. This is consistent with the original objectives of the legislation, which sought to achieve this outcome when replacing the previous

Australian innovation patents offer solution to standard barriers to grant

There have been many recent discussions regarding the opportunities offered by Australian innovation patents that are strategically filed as innovation patents at first instance.  However,  less well known is the fact that the innovation patent system can also provide a very useful and cost effective fall back option during prosecution of your Australian standard utility