Tricks of the trade: Keep calm and classify

You’re probably already lacing up your running shoes at the very thought of the mention of the International Patent Classification (IPC), but please stick around; I promise this will be almost painless.   If you’re like me, your introduction to the IPC was a seemingly random string of letters and numbers rolling off someone’s tongue. 

Tricks of the trade: Can you just do a quick search on …?

I often hear that a patent search won’t take long, or it will be a small search, or get asked to do a quick search, and in some cases that’s probably right, but in other cases, by which I mean most, things are not always as small as they appear.  I’m going to risk expulsion

Patent Searching: What are you risking by going it alone?

Once upon a time I studied thermodynamics. I was told that the first time you study thermodynamics you don’t know what you are doing; the second time you think you know what you are doing; and the third time you know you don’t know what you are doing, but by that time it’s too late