An Easter resurrection for Australia’s innovation patent system!

For the last year, one of the most discussed topics in Australian IP circles has been the proposed abolition of the innovation patent system – Australia’s second tier patent system. This controversial measure came about as a result of a Productivity Commission recommendation, which the Government swiftly supported in August 2017.   Shelston IP reported

The proposed long, slow death of Australia’s innovation patent

Attempts to kill off Australia’s second-tier “innovation patent” system have been ongoing for a number of years.  In the most recent challenge, the Productivity Commission has been the lead prosecutor and professional bodies such as IPTA (the Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia) have acted for the defence.  The Australian Government is,

Fake News Alert! Economists trump patent attorneys in innovation policy reform!

The recent release of the Productivity Commission’s report into Intellectual Property Arrangements in Australia has evoked a range of conflicting views in relation to the type and extent of policy best suited to incentivise innovation in Australia.   Of great concern is that the Government may adopt a number of the more extreme Productivity Commission

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