Is your IP address personal information?

After reading up on the amendments to Australia’s Privacy Act over the past month, and hosting a forum with experts on the matter, I can only conclude that the vast majority of Australia’s large organisations will not be fully compliant with the Act upon its introduction on March 12. Late last year, myself and InfoSec

Are you ready for a data request deluge?

The Improbability of Privacy Act Compliance (Part 4) For the past three days I’ve opined as to the reasons why Australian organisations are unlikely to be prepared for the updated Privacy Act come March 12, with emphasis on what constitutes personal data and the impact of the amended Act on cloud computing and big data.

New Australian mandatory data breach law introduced to Parliament

On 29 May the Privacy Amendment (Privacy Alerts) Bill 2013 (Mandatory Data Breach Bill) was introduced into the Australian Parliament. With bipartisan support it could be passed into law by July 2013 with the measures to take effect from March 2014, when a number of other important changes are made to Australia’s privacy laws.