Software patents: You’ll know one when you see it

In? Out? Either way, talk of software patents has dominated discussion of the New Zealand Patents Bill for several years, causing unfortunate delay for a much needed update to New Zealand patent law. However, resolution may be on the horizon. Following fierce lobbying by many in the New Zealand IT sector, the Government has announced

Progress toward New Zealand’s new Patents Act: End of year report card

As readers will know, New Zealand patent law has been in the throes of reform for the best part of a decade. The original exposure draft of the Patents Bill was released in 2004 – and since that time, we’ve penned a series of very similar articles, each entitled something along the lines of “Progress

NZ updates draft legislation to exclude software “as such”

Following several years of uncertainty over the form and function of New Zealand patent law’s “software exclusion”, the Government has now adopted the “as such” wording of EPC Article 52(3). Although the legislation is still “fluid” insofar as it has yet to be passed by Parliament, recent events lead us to believe that “as such”

Three versions in two weeks: NZ refines its proposed software patent exclusion (again)

When it rains, it pours. Following several years in which “progress” was a somewhat subjective term in respect of New Zealand’s patent law reforms, the Government has again shown that they now mean business.   Previously, we mentioned that the Patents Bill 2008 was finally being prioritised by the Government, seemingly as the result of an “innovation drive”.

New Zealand’s Patents Bill has its second parliamentary reading

New Zealand’s Patents Bill 2008 has finally had its second Parliamentary Reading. Ironically, however, it is probably further from being passed into law than it was prior to this second Reading. On 12 September 2012, more than three years after its first Reading, the Patents Bill 2008 was approved by a clear majority of the House. However, to assume

Is New Zealand’s new patents legislation about to get a shot in the arm?

The New Zealand government has recently released its Building Innovation Report. Some of the key data included in the Report were a comparison of GDP per capita between New Zealand and comparable countries (Australia, Ireland, Denmark and Finland) over the past three decades. Suffice it to say, it did not make for pretty reading. Buried

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