Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known

The sentence above is a quote from a journalist, Sharon Begley, in an article interviewing the astronomer, Carl Sagan, and is often misattributed to him.  How does it apply to patent searching?  You’re the one with an idea for the incredible something, and you will want it known, but as I often see, just because

Patent families: As weird and wonderful as people families

First of all, what is a patent family?  Like a family made up of people, it’s a collection of things that are related in some way, where the things just happen to be patent documents.  Although all methods of constructing a patent family are artificial, some are more artificial than others, which, I guess, implies

PCT patent applicants have a new licensing opportunity for 2012

Are you looking to license your technology? Good news! There’s now an easy way in which to reach potential licensees. For applicants of international patent applications filed under the PCT there will soon be a new feature available allowing applicants wishing to announce their interest in licensing their technology to third parties to do so