Use of the PCT system, and advantages and benefits of International Preliminary Examination (IPE)

There are a couple of ways to file a patent application in a country of interest. The choice is usually based on a commercial strategy, and balanced by cost considerations. If protection of the invention is required in only a few countries, it is usually most cost effective to file directly into those countries and

Patent law change in New Zealand – Five reasons to act now!

New Zealand’s new Patents Act 2013 commences on 13 September 2014 and introduces higher patentability standards as well as increased official fees. A PCT national phase entry or a Paris Convention complete application filed in New Zealand before 13 September 2014 will be examined under the current, less stringent provisions and will be subject to lower official fees during prosecution.

PCT patent applicants have a new licensing opportunity for 2012

Are you looking to license your technology? Good news! There’s now an easy way in which to reach potential licensees. For applicants of international patent applications filed under the PCT there will soon be a new feature available allowing applicants wishing to announce their interest in licensing their technology to third parties to do so