Janine Mehawej

"The great thing about Shelston IP is everyone’s friendly, down to earth and very easy going. "

Janine Mehawej

I joined Shelston IP 10 years ago. I was initially employed as a secretary in the Trade Marks group, but was promoted to Team Secretary for the Legal division in 2008. I have worked in the Team Secretary role ever since.


Part of my role as a Team Secretary is to mentor and train junior and new team members. I am also responsible for assisting the Legal Team Leader, which allows me to be involved with organisational and planning tasks required to manage the group as well as performing legal secretarial duties. It is satisfying being able to be involved with tasks outside the usual secretarial duties.

As the legal services offered by the Legal team involves both litigious and commercial work, I am exposed to a wide range of clients and matters. The variety of issues that may arise in the work being conducted by the team definitely adds an interesting dimension to the legal secretarial work.

The great thing about Shelston IP is that everyone is friendly, down to earth and very easy going.