Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology

Australia’s unique and varied climate often calls for innovative heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions. Moreover, in recent years the demand for advancements in this technology has surged as governments grapple with their response to climate change, and increasingly compel their constituents to actively reduce their carbon emissions.


Shelston IP has an impressive team of IP professionals offering a wealth of experience and knowledge to clients in technology for indoor and vehicular environmental comfort.

With undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, materials science, fluid mechanics and design, we assist clients in identifying and protecting their HVAC technology including:

  • building insulation
  • air conditioning
  • evaporative cooling systems
  • air quality and filtration systems.

Our attorneys work with a broad cross-section of clients from sectors spanning building and construction, manufacturing, energy and resources.

Our clients include Australia’s national science and research agency, leading universities, and listed companies.