Medical Devices and Diagnostic Technology

Shelston IP is ideally placed to advise and support clients requiring access to front-running expertise in the medical devices and diagnostic technology arenas.


These are now key areas of research and development in Australia and Shelston IP has assisted many local clients with successful commercialisation of their products on a global scale.

The team have accumulated extensive experience assisting overseas clients to obtain local IP protection and to commercialise and defend their patent rights in these specialist fields.

Shelston IP’s highly credentialed professionals have impressive expertise in a broad range of areas falling under the umbrella of medical devices and diagnostics including:

  • prosthetics
  • implantation technologies and techniques
  • pharmaceutical delivery devices
  • cardiovascular aids including stents and pacemakers
  • electronic patient monitors
  • in vitro and in vivo diagnostic tools
  • ultrasonic heart and blood flow monitoring
  • audio signal processing
  • surgical devices and techniques
  • nanotechnology.