Corporate Responsibility

Shelston IP is committed to responsible corporate behaviour. We view ethical and socially responsible behaviour as an imperative: a personal moral obligation, good business practice, and an enlightened way to live and work.


We are dedicated to making a positive contribution and in recent times have contributed in the following ways:

Pro bono

Our pro bono program is a cornerstone of our Corporate Responsibility efforts. In 2014 we signed on to the National Pro Bono Resource Centre’s Aspirational Target. We also appointed Katrina Crooks as our Pro Bono Principal. Under Katrina’s stewardship, we are working hard to increase the amount of pro bono work we undertake, and improve how we record and report on our collective pro bono activities.

Our pro bono efforts include:

  • Assisting national charity Mission Australia who help people to tackle the root causes of their challenges and enable them to participate fully in society.
  • Girls Invent, who are a schools based inventing and business development program. Girls Invent has one simple purpose to create an unshakable belief amongst girls that they can become innovators and create inventions or products if they so choose.

Employee Wellbeing

  • Arranging for Assure EAP Services to present sessions on Building Resistence and Mental Health Awareness


  • Participating in R U OK Day and mental health awareness.
  • Participating in National Nutrition Week to promote the health and wellbeing of all Australians.


  • Hosting morning teas for RSPCA Cupcake Day and Pink & Cancer Council
  • Donations to the The Smith Family Toy & Book Appeal
  • Participating in the City2Surf to fundraise for Oxfam.
  • Making a corporate donations to Koala Hospital Port Macquarie, Aussie Ark, Variety for Bad Hair May, Lifeline, Ozharvest and Alex Makes Meals.

Commitment to Environment and Sustainability

Shelston IP is committed to reducing its impact on the environment.  We take a multi-pronged approach to creating sustainable business operations through:

  • staff education and coaching
  • promotion of individually sustainable work practices among all lawyers and support staff
  • using full benefits of technology to reduce environmental impact
  • incorporating energy efficiency selection criteria into it and appliance purchasing policies and premises operation
  • philosophy of paperless office and sustainable practice.

Strategies we deploy to reduce our impact on the environment include:


  • All paper, glass, aluminium, uht, and plastic waste is sorted and recycled.
  • Paper recycling bins at every desk.
  • Waste recycling bins through the office.
  • Toner cartridges and mobile phones are recycled.
  • Recycled content used wherever possible in printing and copying.
  • Double-sided or two per page printing where feasible.

Minimising energy usage

  • Energy efficient lighting preferred.
  • Air conditioning adjusted seasonally.
  • All non-essential equipment turned off after hours.
  • Highest energy efficiency rating preferred in purchase of new equipment.
  • Walking, bicycling, and public transport encouraged during course of work.
  • Timer switches on lighting, air conditioning, and appliances.

Using technology to reduce carbon footprint

  • Digital storage where feasible.
  • Scan and email used in place of fax wherever possible.
  • Banking by electronic funds transfer.
  • Email communication preferred over hard copy correspondence.
  • Strong focus on technology to decrease paper usage and increase efficient use of all Shelston IP

Support for “green” initiatives

Shelston IP actively supports “green” initiatives including Earth hour.