Benefits and Culture (ja)

We recognise that a life outside work, whether or not this involves family responsibilities, is important to the health and welfare of our workforce.

We have a flexible approach to work practices and have a number of flexible arrangements in place for parents, and sometimes for others, who have requested flexibility for various reasons. Our flexible arrangements are available at all levels of the firm. Those who work part-time, or who have flexible starting and finishing times, include three principals, two senior associates, one associate, two patent attorneys and a number of our secretaries, administration and support staff. We also have a number of staff members, at all levels of the firm, who work remotely from home.

We have a very high retention rate for our staff who are mothers following their maternity leave. In the last six months alone, we have had seven people return from maternity leave on part-time arrangements. There were none who did not return.

We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to the values of equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination. One-quarter of our staff members are from foreign ethnic backgrounds – Macedonian, Greek, Serbian, Hungarian, Malaysian, Chinese, Vietnamese, German, Canadian, Irish, New Zealanders.

Rewards and Recognition

We recognise and reward excellence.

Where appropriate, we offer secondment arrangements for our attorneys with our clients to broaden their understanding of the clients’ needs.

We encourage membership of industry associations to allow further skill development and networking opportunities.

Our teams meet for team lunches several times a year with firm-wide functions at end of financial year and Christmas time.

We have a well-used main kitchen and lunch room where we also hold our end of month drinks.

Employee Assistance Program

Shelston IP provides and Employee Assistance Program which provides access to a free confidential external counselling service for staff members and their immediate families. This service also provides resources via its website which can be accessed at any time by all staff members. Our EAP provider presents health and well being seminars on various topics addressing issues such as anxiety, stress and other issues.