Asserting copyright is easy, once an artistic work is created or an idea is expressed it is deemed to exist under Australian copyright law. However, protecting and defending your copyright is not always straightforward given there is no recognised single system of registration.


A strategic approach to registered copyright protection can provide a competitive edge on several fronts:

  • further strengthens case for existing patents (or those being contemplated) as part of your IP strategy
  • in the minds of consumers a product’s ‘look’ can be even more important than functionality
  • is your best deterant for copycats and imitators
  • if infringed, you can seek damages for lost sales
  • helps to sell or licence your design to earn further royalties and revenues
  • increases consistentancy of use which enhances value over time.

Shelston IP have extensive experience assisting clients with the full range of copyright-related matters.

Shelston IP’s experts secure and protect copyright for some of the world’s largest companies ranging from engineering, appliances, homewares and fashion designers operating in all major industries, technologies and product categories.

Our lawyers have run land mark copyright cases to the High Court of Australia including several test cases.

Copyright expertise

Our copyright expertise spans:

  • general copyright matters under Australian law
  • moral rights
  • conflicts of laws as related to international copyright matters
  • IP clearances and risk assessments for the use of Australian created, produced or dubbed works
  • website content
  • film, TV and music production, acquisition and distribution
  • copyright ownership advice, disputes and contracts
  • parallel importing.

Shelston IP copyright experts

Our experts can guide you through copyright legislation, pursue your rights when someone uses your design or copyright without your permission, advise on amending your design (if necessary) and renew your  design registrations.