Building and Construction

In Australia, as in most other first world countries, there is a strong appetite for green technologies and nowhere is this more visible than in the building and construction industry. Whether the construction is of a new residential, commercial or industrial building, or the makeover of an existing structure, the incorporation of energy-efficient technologies is heavily demand-driven, if not mandated.


A growing number of private and public sector organisations are actively working toward reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint including, from a real estate perspective, by adopting and implementing:

  • renewable energy solutions
  • energy efficient lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • new technologies in building insulation and elevators
  • ‘green’ appliances and information and communication technologies.

At Shelston IP many of our patent attorneys possess technical qualifications which are relevant to building and construction technologies – engineering, materials science, process automation, polymer science, industrial chemistry. Several of our professionals held roles within the building and construction sector prior to qualifying as attorneys.

Today, our building and construction clients include:

  • a world-leading manufacturer and developer of technologies, materials and processes for the production of building materials
  • a global producer and supplier of large scale construction equipment
  • a leading supplier of civil roading construction and road safety products
  • constructors and developers of infrastructure and major projects.

We provide these clients will the full gamut of intellectual property services and, for some, manage multi-million dollar global IP portfolios.