Global growth of financial technology (fintech) continues apace, with Australia and the wider Asia-Pacific emerging as hot spots. In 2016 fintech financing in Asia-Pacific surpassed North America for the first time, more than doubling, from $5.2 billion in 2015 to $11.2 billion in 2016.


The greatest challenge facing many fintech companies is to advance their digital transformation while successfully protecting, commercialising and enhancing their technology and brands.

Delays in securing IP rights, inaccurate valuations, poorly constructed contracts or licensing arrangements, plus dealing with multiple jurisdictions, often make or break deals, create cash flow issues, stymie scalability or even negatively impact market standing.

When it comes to securing, marketing and defending your fintech IP rights in a fast paced, digitally transformed and connected world, Shelston IP has the people and expertise you can rely on.

Shelston IP provides expert advice and support for emerging and established providers including:

  • Banks
  • Financial institutions
  • Digital payment technology companies including telecom retailers
  • Asset managers
  • Insurance companies
  • New lending, investing, and fundraising model providers.

Shelston IP fintech expertise

Our fintech team has first-hand experience working with traditional financial institutions, new market entrants and fast-growing technology companies focussed on:

  • eCommerce and internet services
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Insurtech
  • Artificial Intelligence, including deep learning neural networks
  • Automation, including transaction automation
  • Biometric technologies
  • Cloud based point of sale
  • Crowdfunding and alternative finance products
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Bitcoin applications
  • Smart contracts, including Ethereum contracts
  • Cybersecurity
  • Gaming technology
  • Internet of Things
  • Payment gateways and e-wallets including near-field communication (NFC)
  • Regtech
  • Robo advice
  • Fraud detection
  • Cyber defence

How Shelston IP can help your fintech IP

We work closely with clients to effectively increase the value of their IP assets. We are experts in accelerating the commercialisation of their fintech services while minimising the costs and time associated with the management of the IP.

Our expert team can support development and monetisation of your fintech through:

  • strategic IP portfolio management
  • IP audits and valuations
  • commercialisation advisory including value maximisation strategies
  • product specific bundling of IP rights
  • drafting and prosecution of patents
  • intellectual property portfolio audits
  • freedom to operate and novelty searching
  • watching and renewal services for patents and trade marks
  • trade mark and design registration
  • legal advice and litigation support.

Shelston IP’s fintech experts

Shelston IP’s fintech team includes lawyers, patent attorneys, engineers and scientists to provide the right expertise across patents, trade marks, licensing, contracts and litigation.