The next phase of Australia’s resources boom will see new mining investment pared down and the sector transition from exploration and construction to operational improvement. This new phase will bring with it new challenges – not the least being how to recover the last two or three percent of values from existing sites. Even the sector’s unwavering commitment to safety will be impacted: despite there being fewer workers on site, developments in robotics and autonomous vehicles are creating new monitoring and control challenges.


Meanwhile, the tension between the resources sector and the environmentalists continues, compelling resources companies to develop, defend and continuously improve methods for safely and sustainably extracting coal seam gas, while mitigating the methane and carbon impacts.

Shelston IP has a team equipped with an impressive array of technical qualifications and experience which are relevant to the mining sector. Our clients are supported across a wide range of engineering and related fields, including:

  • mechanical, civil and structural engineering
  • mineral processing
  • metallurgy
  • chemical engineering
  • robotics and automated guided vehicles
  • electrical and electronic engineering
  • control systems
  • heavy equipment engineering.

Our clients include:

  • leading research centres and universities with global IP porfolios which will recoup tens of millions of dollars in productivity gains for the Australian mining sector
  • excavation machinery manufacturers
  • ground control and roof support systems manufacturers
  • mineral processing equipment manufacturers and processors.


In addition to securing and enforcing local and foreign patents and, where relevant, registered designs, for new products, machines and processes, we provide these clients with:

  • branding strategies, protection and enforcement
  • general IP strategy advice
  • licensing
  • clearance searching and opinions
  • research collaboration agreements
  • Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) agreements
  • consultancy agreements.