Renewable Energy

A large number of Shelston IP professionals are committed to, passionate about, and experienced in working with clean, green, renewable, and environmentally-friendly technologies. We work closely with a broad spectrum of clients in the clean technology sector, including innovative start-up companies, major universities and research institutes, collaborative research centres (CRCs), and large multinational corporations which are at the forefront of clean energy and sustainable technology research and development.


Our expertise extends well beyond the creation of patents and other IP rights. We lead the field in the formulation and implementation of powerful, comprehensive yet cost-effective patent strategies, seamlessly integrating the protection, management, commercialisation and enforcement of IP rights for sustainable, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly technologies and ‘GreenTech’ solutions, in Australia and internationally.

Our team boasts high-level qualifications and industry experience, directly relevant to this critically important sector, including the following specific technologies:

  • solar energy and power generation
  • solar panels and solar heating
  • wave and wind energy and power
  • geothermal energy and power
  • ocean energy and power
  • hydroelectricity and hydropower
  • clean coal power
  • nuclear energy and power
  • renewable energy solutions
  • energy storage and reuse
  • renewable fuels including biofuels
  • hydrogen fuel cells
  • advanced battery technologies
  • low emission vehicles and transportation
  • alternative energy and power generation
  • water filtration, purification and reuse
  • sewage and wastewater treatment
  • wastewater recycling
  • waste and water management
  • desalination
  • air and water purification and treatment
  • environmental remediation
  • sustainable agriculture
  • sustainable design and engineering
  • environmental architecture and design
  • carbon reduction and carbon efficiency
  • carbon extraction and sequestration
  • energy efficient mining and minerals processing
  • natural gas extraction including shale and coal seam gas

We are experienced in negotiating the requirements and challenges facing clients with smaller, developing IP portfolios versus those with larger, more mature portfolios. With constant surveillance of the technological and economic landscape, our team seeks strategic opportunities to create IP assets and exploit the potential of each technology in concert with our clients’ business plans.