Australia’s transportation sector has a positive outlook. Infrastructure has emerged as a national priority, underscored by increased government investment in roads, railways and ports. Simultaneously, regulatory reform has been aimed at ensuring the coordination of all layers of government to build an efficient, safe, sustainable, accessible and competitive transport system.


For many of the 165,000-plus enterprises that operate with Australia’s transportation and logistics industry, the challenges ahead will revolve around productivity improvements, resolving capacity constraints, negotiating congestion, and minimising their carbon impact.

Shelston IP has decades of experience in the transportation sector. A number of our people worked within the industry prior to qualifying as attorneys. Many of our transportation client relationships date back more than a decade. Today, our portfolio includes companies that develop and manufacture:

  • aircraft
  • automobiles
  • off-highway trucks
  • helicopters
  • motorcycles
  • products and services to optimise the energy efficiency of trains and train schedules, and utilisation of rail network capacity
  • automated transportation vehicles, including those used by the mining and agricultural sectors
  • traffic lights and traffic intersection control systems
  • applications such as for product tracking, delivery systems and logistics management.

Additionally, with the transport sector contributing the second highest amount of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, we are working with both government researchers, start-ups and tertiary institutions that are seeking to develop low carbon strategies and fuel-efficient technologies.


Within this sector we are involved in:

  • developing and prosecuting patents, including for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aircraft
  • working with information technology applications relevant to transport equipment manufacturers, including product tracking and delivery systems, electronic communication systems and
  • logistic management systems
  • advising on trade mark protection and enforcement
  • registration and enforcement of design rights.