2016 NSW Women of the Year Awards

Shelston IP congratulates Dr Dharmica Mistry of BCAL Diagnostics who has been awarded the 2016 Harvey Norman Young Women of the Year Award as part of the prestigious 2016 NSW Women of the Year Awards, organized by the NSW State Government.


Dharmica is the Chief Scientist of BCAL Diagnostics, an Australian Research Company, and one of its founders.  She was nominated for the NSW Young Women of the Year Award for her work in breast cancer research and translational medicine.  As the recipient also of the 2015 Young Scientist Award, Dharmica is an inspiration to young women considering a future in translational medical research. She is an exceptional researcher who is involved in developing a world-first blood test for the presence of breast cancer that has the potential to impact the health of women of all ages around the world.  Without Dharmica’s persistence, unfailing optimism and drive over the past eight years, this transformational breast cancer test may never have been developed.

The research driven by Dharmica has resulted in a blood-based breast cancer test that has demonstrated 90% accuracy in detection of the presence of the most common form of invasive cancer. Dharmica’s dream of significantly transforming women’s health worldwide through early, safe and accurate detection of breast cancer from a simple blood test is fast becoming a reality.

BCAL Diagnostics’ core focus is to develop this technology as a universal breast cancer screening test in collaboration with the University of Kentucky.

Shelston IP has assisted BCAL Diagnostics with the management of their patent portfolio and licensing strategies since 2010.  We are proud to be associated with an Australian company involved in ground-breaking research.

The NSW Women of the Year Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution made by women across NSW to industry, community and society.