Asia a global innovation powerhouse

Asia includes some of the world’s fastest growing economies and now accounts for almost half of all PCT applications. In 2016, Asia accounted for 47% of all PCT applications, almost the combined shares of Europe (26%) and North America (25%).


With over 60% of the world’s population, strong economies and continual growth protecting your intellectual property in Asia is a given for significant commercialisation and growth opportunities.

The growth of IP in Asia is being driven by both governments and businesses – by both innovators and consumers – and by both developed and developing economies.

Booming industries, such as manufacturing, electronics and healthcare have placed pressure on Asian governments to strengthen the available IP protection. Progress has been made through a combination of legislation, law enforcement, capacity building, education and international cooperation.

Shelston IP’s Eastern Bound service is the key to strategic management and growth of your IP portfolio in Asia. We have the expertise and experience to  handle the entire IP process for you across multiple regions and jurisdictions ensuring:

  • Single point of contact
  • Australian English speakers
  • Overarching management across jurisdictions
  • Drastic reduction in paperwork and deadlines
  • Easily arrange translations in several languages
  • Risk mitigation
  • Buying power and value for money

Asia the main driver of global innovation

With the world economy on a firmer footing than in recent years, global intellectual property (IP) filings have reached new highs in 2016 . Global patent filings grew by 8.3% and global trademark filing activity by 13.5% – making for seven years of straight increases. Following an 8% decline in 2014 and 1% growth in 2015, industrial design filing activity rebounded strongly in 2016 with 8.3% growth. As seen in previous years, Asia remained the main driver of global growth in filings.

Shelston IP has a wealth of experience, built up over decades, in obtaining and enforcing IP rights across Asia – seamlessly and cost-efficiently. Our team of experts can assist and advise you on ensuring your IP position in Asia is as strong as possible.

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 Russell Davies, Patent Attorney, Sydney, Australia Russell Davies
Principal – Mechanical Engineering
+61 2 9777 1179
Paul Harrison, Patent Attorney, Sydney, Australia Paul Harrison
Principal – Chemical Engineering
President, Asia Patent Attorneys Association (Australia)
+ 61 2 9777 1130
Charles Tansey, Patent Attorney, Sydney, Australia Charles Tansey, PhD
Principal – Chemistry
+ 61 2 9777 1192
Jack Redfern, Patent Attorney, Sydney, Australia Jack Redfern
Principal – Electronics & IT
+ 61 2 9777 1150
Jacinta Flattery-O'Brien, Patent Attorney, Sydney, Australia Jacinta Flattery-O’Brien, PhD
Principal – Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
+ 61 2 9777 1187

Trade Marks

 Sean McManis, Trade Mark Attorney, Sydney, Australia Sean McManis
Principal – Trademarks
+ 61 2 9777 1131

Commercialisation & Litigation

Chris Bevitt, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Sydney, Australia Chris Bevitt
Principal – Commercialisation/Licensing
+ 61 2 9777 1457
Mark Vincent, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Technology Lawyer, Sydney, Australia Mark Vincent
Principal – Litigation
+ 64 9638 5300


Li Li, Patent Attorney, China, Sydney, Australia Li Li PhD
China Business Development Manager
+61 2 9777 1121


Masako Ohta - front Masako Ohta
Business Development Specialist – Japan
+61 2 9777 2482