CSIRO’s Concentrated Solar Thermal technology heats up in China

CSIRO’s Solar Thermal Technology team in Newcastle continues to develop exciting new technologies. The recent efforts have resulted in CSIRO reaching a commercial agreement with a Chinese company, Thermal Focus, to develop new clean energy generation systems for use in China. The technology includes heliostat hardware and software for efficiently implementing concentrated solar thermal (CST) systems. These systems utilise a field of controllable mirrors to focus the sun’s energy onto a central energy collector to allow the clean generation of electricity through a thermal energy conversion processes.


The commercial partnership with Thermal Focus will assist China to reach its stated renewal energy goals while providing a revenue stream back to Australia to enable the CSIRO team to continue their important research into this promising green energy technology. CSIRO’s Energy Centre in Newcastle, New South Wales, contains the only high-temperature solar thermal research facility of its type in Australia, and houses the largest high concentration solar array in the Southern Hemisphere.

In addition to the exciting new partnership with Thermal Focus, CSIRO also has successful partnerships for heliostat commercialisation with Japan’s Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, the Cyprus Institute, and Heliostat SA in Australia.

Shelston IP is proud to be assisting CSIRO in its ongoing protection of IP in this technology space.

For drone footage of CSIRO’s Energy Centre in Newcastle, including the CST facility, follow this link – https://vimeo.com/191873792.