Grow your IP through Intellectual Asset Advisory Services

Glasshouse Advisory is a specialist intellectual asset advisory firm, whose services are complementary to Shelston IP’s expertise in patents, trade marks and IP law. Glasshouse Advisory’s practice areas cover a wide range of adjacent services, including strategy, analytics and research, government incentives, valuations and monetisation.  Their core business is to help clients realise the potential of their ideas, accelerate their innovations, commercialise their IP and improve the return on their investment.


By collaborating with Shelston IP patent and trade mark attorneys the specialists at Glasshouse who come from legal, accounting and finance backgrounds, provide complimentary services that are built on a deep understanding of IP which enable better commercial outcomes, whether that is through improved funding opportunities, improved strategic alignment or improved management processes. Glasshouse Advisory connects clients to diverse thinking and a fresh perspective on IP that delivers world class insight, value and competitive advantage.

Shelston IP and Glasshouse Advisory are part of the IPH Group Ltd, one of Australia’s largest IP services groups, we share a view of intellectual property that reaches far beyond risk mitigation and defence. We use our deep experience and technical rigour to leverage the potential of intellectual assets to create opportunity, sustainable value and competitive advantage.

Glasshouse Advisory provides the following specialist practice areas:


The IP analysts at Glasshouse find answers to a wide range of questions that clients have about their IP, from their position relative to competitors, to decisions about where the future opportunities lie and managing infringement risks.

With a deep understanding of the data sources available and experts who can find what’s relevant, their team will provide you with insights to make smarter commercial decisions.

They analyse and evaluate your innovation opportunities and risks using a range of sources that integrate patent, trade mark and litigation databases as well as financial and market information tools.

Using customised tools and modelling techniques delve deep into data, analyse results and produce rich insights which enable you to make business decisions with confidence.

Innovation Incentives

Funding and cash flow is a key business challenge in today’s hypercompetitive market.

Some businesses overlook their ability to leverage their IP assets to secure debt funding. Or they ignore the potential to attract investors by articulating the value and potential of technology and brands.

Established and new businesses alike need to maximise their access to government entitlements, whether tax regimes or grant funding.

Glasshouse Advisory helps companies understand and effectively communicate the value of their IP assets, and exploit those assets to secure funding from private and public sources.

They assist businesses to secure cash flow through R&D Tax incentives, Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) and in-depth valuations in order to monetise and capitalise on their IP.

Knowing how to make the most of this and other government programs and taxation regimes is essential for any organisation that wants to pursue innovation in order to survive and thrive through the IP life cycle.

 IP Economics

Intellectual property and other intangible assets represent 85% of the value of NASDAQ listed companies, and about 55% of the value of the ASX.

Quantifying the value of IP can be essential for financial reporting, tax compliance and litigation.

Understanding the current and potential value of intangible assets helps companies increase corporate earnings and mitigate value at risk.

Their value-based advisory services inform clients’ strategy development, M&A planning, risk management and investor communications.

Glasshouse Advisory’s valuations are robust and insightful because they integrate corporate finance expertise with in-depth assessments that include functional, legal and economic characteristics of the IP.

Given the breadth of expertise and complimentary strategic business services, they provide a uniquely strategic and commercial perspective. Their insights create opportunity, sustainable value and competitive advantage for you to maximise your intellectual assets.

If you would like more information on how Shelston IP can assist you with the services provided by Glasshouse Advisory please contact Russell Davies at Shelston IP on +61 2 9777 1111 or visit