Congratulations to Finisar Australia

Shelston IP congratulates its valued client Finisar Australia on being the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation. The team at Finisar, which included Dr Simon Poole, Mr Andrew Bartos, Dr Glenn Baxter and Dr Steven Frisken, were awarded the prize at a ceremony on 17 October 2018 for their development of wavelength selective

Pat-INFORMED: A powerful new searching tool, but don’t be left Part-INFORMED

A new database has been launched with the principal purpose of providing easily accessible and understandable information about the patent status of a specific medicine in a particular country, by identifying key patents related to the medicine worldwide.   This database is meant to have all this information in a single place, and to complement

Indonesian Patent Office gets tough on unpaid fees

In most jurisdictions, it is possible simply to abandon a patent or application by not paying the required maintenance fees, which are generally due annually.   If the fee is not paid by the due date, the case is deemed to be abandoned and the matter is closed.   However, the Indonesian Directorate General of Intellectual

Considerations relating to drafting the patent specification

Dr Michael Zammit, Principal of Shelston IP discusses the considerations for drafting various patent specifications.   To read the full article as originally published in the LexisNexis Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin, please click here.   This article was published originally in the LexisNexis Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin, Volume 31, Number 6, pp.106-109 (2018), and is republished

The “patent bargain” for clean technologies – altering the deal

This article was published originally in the LexisNexis Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin, Volume 31, Number 6, pp.111-114 (2018), and is republished here with permission. The published article can be found here.   It is generally accepted that climate change cannot be redressed by means of existing technologies. “Cleantech” – technologies that may lessen, nullify

5 strategies to use the prior art to assist in product development

In a previous article, we looked at the role of IP in innovation. In overview, the cycle of innovation can be broken down into 4 stages: 1.) conception of innovative ideas, 2.) research and development (R&D) , 3.) commercialisation of product or services, and 4.) marketing of the products or services. As the activities undertaken

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