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Recent developments regarding software patents under New Zealand’s new Patents Act

In August 2010 and January 2011, Shelston IP reported that the latest iteration of New Zealand’s new Patents Act now sought to exclude computer software from patentability. The proposed exclusion was not only a reversal of New Zealand’s previous position, it was also contrary to the stance taken by her major trading partners – especially

AusPat: The electrodes have been applied and the sparks are flying

IP Australia’s full text searching shocked from the beta phase to go live.   It may be a little unfair to compare AusPat to Frankenstein’s monster, but IP Australia has taken us from the days of PatAdmin with AU-A, B, C Patent Specifications attached, stitching on Patsearch, all held together with a bit of APPS,

Expedited patent examination For “green” technologies

Unlike gene patents and computer software, there is a general acceptance that green technologies should patentable – the few dissenters who argue that such technologies should be in the public domain appear to overlook the basic quid pro quo of the “patent bargain” –being that without the prospect of patent protection, researchers would have no incentive to

Protecting ongoing development: Patents of addition in Australia

Improvements and modifications occur regularly throughout a product’s lifecycle. In some cases, a desire may arise to obtain patent protection over such developments. However, particularly at later stages in the lifecycle, complications can arise due to the nature of an organisation’s own patent portfolio. Australian law provides a useful mechanism for managing such complications: patents

CRCMining and SmartCap

The Cooperative Research Centre for Mining (CRCMining) has developed a baseball cap head ware technology to measure and manage drowsiness in real time, in order to overcome a significant driver fatigue problem in the coal mining industry. Known as the SmartCap Operator Fatigue Management System, the baseball cap technology solves a problem identified in the

A unitary patent examination process for Australia and New Zealand

A unitary patent examination process is soon to be established for applications before the Patent Offices of Australia and New Zealand. Whilst this is believed to be a world first, we note at the outset that any such process is at least three years away. This development is part of the Single Economic Market (SEM)

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