Protecting the brand assets of Australia’s most iconic surf lifesaving club

Our pro bono program is a cornerstone of our Corporate Responsibility efforts. In 2014 we signed on to the National Pro Bono Resource Centre’s Aspirational Target. We also appointed Katrina Crooks as our Pro Bono Partner. Under Katrina’s stewardship, we are working hard to increase the amount of pro bono work we undertake, and improve how we record and report on our collective pro bono activities.


Our pro bono efforts include assisting the world’s oldest surf lifesaving club, and one of Australia’s most iconic brands, the Bondi Surf Bathers’ Lifesaving Club, in managing and protecting its valuable trade marks. Our lawyers and trade mark attorneys are helping the Bondi Surf Club to conduct a full audit of the Club’s trademarks and providing intellectual property advice about how to manage and protect its valauble brand asests.