RDTI 30 April deadline is approaching…

The deadline to lodge your Research and Development Tax Incentive (RDTI) for the Financial Year ending 30 June 2018; is the 30 April 2019


If you have a development project/s (i.e. new or improved product, process, device or service) that are keeping you up at night or causing you pain and suffering to come up with new knowledge on how to solve the technical challenge. Then, this could be an eligible candidate project/s for the RDTI entitlement program!

RDTI https://www.business.gov.au/assistance/research-and-development-tax-incentive

Glasshouse Advisory (a business unit of Xenith IP and Shelston IP Associate firm) is one of Australia’s largest boutique R&D tax incentive service providers and work with companies of all sizes, from pre-revenue to ASX Top 50, helping them educate; identify; compile; substantiate; and, lodge their compliant RDTI claim each financial year.

Glasshouse Advisory is flexible and nibble to fit where required! They can provide a:

Full compliance service:

  • Meeting and educating the company’s key technical people;
  • Interviewing and compiling the documentation required to substantiate the claim;
  • Provide the report back to the key technical people for their edit and comment;
  • Lodge the application to AusIndustry; and,
  • Work with the claimants key internal or external financial/accounting people, ensuring a nexus between costs claimed against activities conducted.

Review service at an hourly rate (minimum of 5 hours):

  • Glasshouse Advisory can provide you with the required document and financial templates to populate for their review.

To be connected to a Glasshouse Advisory R&D Tax Incentive and Grants Service Manager please contact Shelston IP at email@ShelstonIP.com