Shelston IP assists IP Australia with their Engaging an attorney toolkit

IP Australia recently released a toolkit that details everything you need to know about engaging a patent attorney.


Shelston IP directly assisted IP Australia with the preparation of the toolkit. As a result, Shelston IP’s client OzStar Therapeutics has been detailed in a case study on how patent attorneys and clients work together – set out in Toolkit Point 6.

Toolkit Point 6 – Case Study: How patent attorneys and clients work together

Dr Nick Gorgani founder of OzStar Therapeutics is a medical doctor, scientist and inventor of a world-first sustainable treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. Dr Gorgani speaks about his experience with his patent attorney Dr Grant Shoebridge. ‘I had no idea at that time. I’m a scientist so I knew what a patent does, but I didn’t know how to draft and prosecute the patent application,’ he then goes on to say ‘Choosing a patent attorney that you can get along with and work transparently with are key aspects involved in successful patent drafting and prosecution’.

Patentology’s blog reports ‘the Engaging an Attorney Toolkit is a huge leap forward.  Not only does it contain valuable information, in an accessible format, but the very fact that it now exists sends a clear message to prospective applicants about the importance of seeking professional assistance.’