Shelston IP client CRCMining’s breakthrough technology in underground mining

CRCMining, the leader in mining research, is behind the development of a commercialised Cave Tracker system. The partnership between Newcrest, Rio Tinto, CRCMining and technology developer and manufacturer Elexon Mining, has enabled its creation.  The testing was undertaken at Newcrest’s Ridgeway copper mine in NSW and Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine in WA. The cave monitoring system will measure the movement of fragmented rock under gravity, and facilitate improved management of its flow through controlled extraction.


The trackers, based on the science developed by CRCMining, patented by Shelston IP and advanced into a commercial solution by Elexon, use battery-powered spinning magnets that send signals through rock, and detectors located around the caving operation. This new technology will be deployed soon, and is another example of CRCMining’s ability to successfully partner with mining companies and suppliers to fast-track the commercial availability of research outcomes for the mining industry.

Access the full details of Rio Tinto’s implementation of Cave Tracker here:

Shelston IP has been working with CRCMining for more than a decade. We are proud to assist in securing patent protection for their transformational research and innovations including the Cave Tracker system. Shelston IP enthusiastically support CRCMining’s vision of delivering breakthrough innovative technologies and equipment that transform mining productivity, safety and sustainability.

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