Shelston IP client Nanosonics wins prestigious Innovation Hero Award

The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering is an independent, industry-linked institute committed to fostering excellence and innovation in high level engineering throughout Australia. The Centre is a self-funding, not-for-profit body, driven by volunteers and operating within the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sydney. Named in honour of Professor William Henry Warren who was appointed as the first lecturer in engineering at the University of Sydney in 1883, The Warren Centre has been networking innovation in Australia for 30 years.

The Centre’s annual Innovation Hero Awards are presented for outstanding Australian innovations in engineering technology. The Awards recognise Australian-based people or teams that successfully develop a new technology into a commercial product or service, and who create great benefit for Australia.

Shelston IP is proud of its long association with The Warren Centre. So, too, are we thrilled that our client Nanosonics was one of two recipients of the 2014 Innovation Hero Award.

President Ron Weinberger led the team development and commercialisation of Nanosonics’ ultrasonic nano-nebulization Trophon EPR technology. This technology utilises ultrasonic nano-nebulisation to produce a sterilizing mist for high level disinfection in a device which is the first fully automated system for carrying out such disinfections.

Put simply, this technology will likely be used in hospitals to prevent the spread of infection. That’s significant – each year in Australia hospital-acquired infections kill more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined.