Significant partnership creates Mining3

Former mining research organisation, CRCMining, a longstanding client of Shelston IP, has partnered with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) to create Mining3.  The partnership brings together the substantial mining research capabilities of each organisation to create a truly world leading mining research entity.


Mining3 integrates CSIRO’s Mineral Resources group with CRCMining’s established, industry driven activities to provide an organisation with unparalleled capability to deliver the research and innovative technologies that the mining industry needs to overcome future challenges.

Mining3 was officially launched on 16 November 2016 and is headed by Prof Paul Lever, the former CEO of CRCMining.

Prof Lever says, “The mining industry must change if it’s to keep up with increasing economic, environmental and social pressures, and have a productive future.  With our unique scale and industry focus, Mining3 will drive this change. We’re drawing on the strengths of industry thought leaders, technical experts, extensive international networks, our industry member base and proven innovation capability.”

Shelston IP has been working with CRCMining for more than a decade and is proud to continue assisting Mining3 in securing protection for their transformational research and innovations. Shelston IP enthusiastically supports Mining3’s vision of delivering breakthrough innovative technologies and equipment that transform mining productivity, safety and sustainability.

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