Vectus Biosystems wins the “Medtech & Pharma” category in the Australian Technologies Competition

Shelston IP congratulates Australian biotechnology company Vectus Biosystems on winning the ‘Medtech & Pharma’ category in the Australian Technologies Competition (ATC),  announced recently at a gala dinner in Sydney.


The Competition recognises Australia’s best technology companies with global potential, and provides assessment, mentoring, profile and promotion for the winners via a bespoke accelerator program.

Vectus Biosystems is a research-based drug discovery company, developing and licensing medicines. The company has developed a library of more than 1,000 small molecules with anti-hypertensive and anti-fibrotic properties.

Fibrotic disease contributes to more than 40 per cent of deaths worldwide, a figure that includes deaths caused by atherosclerosis, the biggest killer in the developed world, as well as diseases affecting the lung, liver and kidney, among others. Treatments for fibrotic diseases represent a major unmet clinical need, and where medicines exist, they only slow the progression of disease. In contrast, Vectus Biosystems’ compounds have been shown to reverse fibrosis in preclinical models.

Vectus Biosystems’ technology is based on the discovery by Dr Karen Duggan in 2003 that a naturally occurring molecule in the human body was capable of reversing fibrosis caused by hypertension and other chronic diseases such as diabetes.

In 2005 Vectus Biosystems was formed to take Dr Duggan’s discovery through to an orally deliverable drug.  Today, Vectus Biosystems holds a large number of patents covering various compounds and their use in the treatment of a wide range of fibrotic conditions.

Shelston IP is proud to have been assisting Vectus Biosystems since its inception.