Registered designs are used to protect product aesthetics, by conferring a monopoly in the shape or surface pattern. The scope of registrable subject matter is vast, covering virtually any domestic, commercial or industrial product with some physical characteristic that is visually distinctive and new.


Subject to the basic prerequisites of novelty and visual distinctiveness, examples of registrable designs include:

  • kitchen utensils and domestic appliances
  • cutlery, tableware and glassware
  • furniture and furnishings
  • architectural fittings and fixtures
  • light fittings, shades and switches
  • smartphones, tablets and personal digital devices
  • computers and peripheral devices
  • computer icons and graphical user interfaces
  • gaming consoles and controllers
  • audiovisual components
  • clothing and footwear
  • fabrics and wallpapers
  • automotive vehicle bodies
  • automotive parts and accessories
  • tools and implements
  • vehicle tyre tread patterns
  • marine fittings and fixtures including yacht designs
  • containers, dispensers and packaging
  • extruded sections
  • medical and dental instruments and devices.

Such products are often the result of significant investment in the design and development process. By preventing copying, registered designs can play an important role in securing future returns on those investments. They are especially valuable where product design and aesthetics are primary points of market differentiation.

Shelston IP’s design practitioners are experts in this field, covering all major industry sectors, technologies and product categories. We understand the important role that registered designs can play as part of an integrated IP strategy, dovetailed with other complementary forms of protection, to deliver sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.


Our design services include:

  • filing and prosecuting design applications
  • assignments, licensing, searching and watching
  • infringement and validity advice
  • portfolio management
  • renewals
  • due diligence
  • litigation support
  • litigation and dispute resolution services and
  • commercialisation advice.