Innovation Incentives

Funding and cash flow is a key business challenge in today’s hypercompetitive market.


Some businesses overlook their ability to leverage their IP assets to secure debt funding. Or they ignore the potential to attract investors by articulating the value and potential of technology and brands.

Established and new businesses alike need to maximise their access to government entitlements, whether tax regimes or grant funding.

Glasshouse Advisory helps companies understand and effectively communicate the value of their IP assets, and exploit those assets to secure funding from private and public sources.

They assist businesses to secure cash flow through R&D Tax incentives, Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) and in-depth valuations in order to monetise and capitalise on their IP.

Knowing how to make the most of this and other government programs and taxation regimes is essential for any organisation that wants to pursue innovation in order to survive and thrive through the IP life cycle.


David Mason Director - Innovation Incentives
David Mason
Director – Innovation Incentives

With an accounting background spanning 20 years, and over 15 years exclusively dedicated to assisting companies make claims under the R&D tax incentive program; David is one of Australia’s most highly accomplished R&D Tax Incentive advisors.

David and his team assist international companies and Australia-based clients with setting up research and development activities, tailoring R&D tax preparation and lodging process that maximises the financial return a company is able to access.

Additionally, David is a registered Trade Marks Attorney and registered Taxation Agent (R&D Tax).

Key Services:  R&D Tax / Government Grants / Collaboration Funding





Tracey Murray Director, Innovation Incentives & IP Economics
Tracey Murray
Director, Innovation Incentives & IP Economics

With more than 30 years of experience working within the top-tier accounting and advisory industry Tracey has developed a specialised market-leading expertise in the areas of Transfer Pricing and R&D Tax Incentives.

Tracey assists her clients develop transfer pricing strategies and access a range of innovation incentives, including the R&D tax incentive. Crucially, she is uniquely placed to deliver accurate, practical and implementable advice that complies with the requirements of either the ATO or AusIndustry.

Tracey is a member of Certified Practicing Accountant, a registered Tax Agent (specialising in Transfer Pricing and R&D Tax), a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and a Westpac Accounting Graduate of the Year, Queensland.

She is an Austrade Approved Export Market Development Grant Consultant

Key Services:  Transfer Pricing / R&D Tax Incentives / Knowledge Management / Export Market Development Grant




Claire McDowall Senior Manager
Claire McDowall
Senior Manager

Claire has over 10 years’ experience working in Australia and in the UK and specialises in both transfer pricing and the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) program.

She represents organisations in a wide variety of transfer pricing matters and has extensive experience preparing transfer pricing documentation for compliance, audit, commercial and strategic planning purposes.

In addition, Claire also assists her clients to secure government financial incentives and developed a strong expertise advising on the EMDG scheme and its application process.

Key Services:  Export Market Development Grants / Transfer Pricing




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