Shelston IP has a vested interest in quashing the trade in illegal products. Many of our brand-name clients are prey to counterfeiters and collectively spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year investigating, enforcing and prosecuting those responsible.


We actively collaborate and cooperate with government, industry and associates worldwide with a view to:

  • strengthening anti-counterfeiting laws and enforcement
  • eliminating linkages between counterfeiting and organised crime
  • identifying the manufacturers, distributors and sellers of counterfeit goods – especially those that breach the trademarks owned by our clients
  • preventing the importation and subsequent trade in goods that breach our clients’ trade marks.

All members of our Trade Marks and IP Dispute Resolution teams are experienced in anti-counterfeiting measures and associated issues, including:

  • customs seizure procedures
  • trade mark infringement
  • trade practices and consumer protection
  • comparative advertising
  • country of origin labelling
  • packaging, brand and labelling issues.

Through the combination of peer feedback and independent research Principal, Sean McManis, and Consultant, Gerard Skelly, have both been named in Managing Intellectual Property’s IP Stars Handbook 2014 for their Anti-Counterfeiting expertise.