Commercial Agreements

Shelston IP’s patent and trade mark services are complemented by our associated law firm, Shelston IP Lawyers, which specialises in IP commercialisation, transactions, litigation and alternative dispute resolution.


We work closely with our clients to structure business arrangements, and to negotiate and document a wide range of IP and general commercial agreements spanning:

  • IP agreements, including licensing, materials transfer, research collaboration and funding
  • IT agreements including licensing, support, outsourcing, development and integration
  • joint venture agreements
  • shareholders agreements
  • business sale agreements and share sale agreements
  • advertising agreements
  • confidentiality agreements
  • manufacturing agreements
  • supply/purchase agreements and terms of trade.

In preparing agreements, we aim to produce an end product which not only covers all the bases but is easily understandable by our clients and their business partners.

We also have proven expertise in the legal and business aspects of e-commerce, including website development, hosting, domain names, privacy, spam, terms of usage, social media and online delivery of electronic products and services.

We understand the importance of accurate and comprehensible responses to all legal issues, from the basic to the most complex. We also appreciate strategic commercial imperatives, melding accuracy with commercial acumen and pragmatism to tailor appropriate legal solutions, which protect and advance each client’s specific business interests.

Whether drafting transactional agreements, assisting clients to structure their arrangements or enforcing their IP rights, Shelston IP Lawyers work proactively to ensure clients effectively exploit their intellectual property and other assets for maximum commercial gain.