Shelston IP is at the forefront of intellectual property law in Australia and New Zealand. Our legal team has prepared and advised on privacy policies for a vast number of clients ranging from small businesses to large multinational companies, and across all industries.


Members of our team have been advising on privacy related matters since the Privacy Act was first extended to apply to private sector companies many years ago, and before that, for various government entities.

In addition to preparing numerous privacy policies, our activities in relation to privacy law include:

  • advising clients on dealing with access requests to personal information
  • providing advice in relation to cloud computing and transfer of personal information outside Australia
  • advising clients on permissible uses of personal information collected in the course of carrying on business
  • advising on the privacy implications of cloud computing
  • as a result of the now implemented changes to the Privacy Act, advising clients on changes to procedures arising from the new cross-border amendments and corresponding amendments to privacy policies.

Cloud computing and big data

Principal, Mark Vincent, is one of the region’s leading experts on privacy, big data and cloud computing law. With deep insight into the jurisdictional, regulatory and technology-related issues and challenges, Mark is widely published and a sought-after presenter and participant at industry events. Mark and his colleagues regularly:

  • advise in relation to legal and regulatory issues associated with the provision of cloud computing services in New Zealand, including privacy and spam issues
  • negotiate terms for use of cloud computing platform involving use of sensitive information
  • prepare and negotiate cloud computing contracts and associated support agreements
  • advise customers and vendors of cloud solutions on compliance issues arising from cross border IT solutions
  • advise on strategic IT and licensing issues
  • review website terms and conditions and privacy policies for online businesses.