In most jurisdictions and for most forms of registrable IP rights, it is necessary to pay periodic renewal fees to maintain the currency and enforceability of those rights.


This is a critically important aspect of the effective management of any IP portfolio. If registered IP rights are not renewed in a timely manner, those rights can be irrevocably lost. It is easy to underestimate the vulnerability and risk to any IP portfolio in this context.

For IP renewals we normally recommend the services of CPA Global Limited. CPA Global specialises in the renewal of all forms of registrable IP rights including patents, trade marks, industrial designs and domain names, in all jurisdictions. It is one of the largest agencies of its type in the world, performing over one million IP renewals annually, with an impressive track record spanning 40 years.

Its scale of operations allows CPA Global to invest in advanced technologies and to use its purchasing power to deliver IP renewal services in a flexible, reliable and cost-effective manner.

As shareholders in CPA Global, we maintain an active interest in the quality of service provided by CPA Global to our clients and are receptive to feedback in relation to any aspect of that service.