Searching, watching, renewals

Successful and sustainable realisation of your IP strategy depends upon  understanding and maintaining your technical and commercial market position within the prevailing competitive landscape.


Searching for prior IP rights, watching and mapping the IP landscape and renewing your existing IP registrations to ensure their ongoing validity are critical to success.


Searching and watching expertise

Shelston IP searching and watching expertise spans:

  • patent, trade mark and design registrability searches to determine the options for IP protection for new products, processes, designs or brands, locally and internationally
  • patent, trade mark and design infringement searches to explore whether the manufacture or sale of new products, processes, designs or brands may infringe prior third-party IP rights in particular jurisdictions
  • patent, trade mark and design name searches to explore the scope of current IP rights of particular competitors or other parties of interest
  • availability searches for use and registration of company, business and domain names
  • patent subject matter or “collection” searches to explore the current state of the art in technical fields of interest
  • watching services to monitor the progress or status of particular patent, trade mark or design applications or registrations
  • watching services to monitor the IP activity of specific competitors
  • watching services to monitor the IP activity in particular fields of technology or market sectors.

Shelston IP search reports are concise, logical and commercially-oriented to support strategy and decision making.

For patent searching, we access a range of commercial databases, including PatBase and STN, as well as numerous publicly accessible national patent databases including Inpadoc, PatentScope (WIPO), Espacenet (European Patent Office), AusPat (Australia), IPONZ (New Zealand), SIPO (China), KIPRIS (Korea), J-PlatPat (Japan) and other South East Asian countries.

Similarly, for trade mark searching, we access a comprehensive set of global search platforms and databases, including ATMS (IP Australia), IPONZ (New Zealand), Madrid Monitor, Global Brand Database (WIPO), TMview, Avantiq / Inspiro (International trade marks), USPTO (USA), SIPO (China), J-PlatPat (Japan), KIPRIS (Korea), ASEAN TMview (South East Asian countries), as well as numerous other publicly available national trade mark databases around the world.

We also conduct common law searches exploring a wide range of resources, publicly and privately accessible databases and websites, including company and business name searches (ASIC database), domain name searches on all major domain name registries, pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations (WHO INN, ARTG, PUBCRIS), dictionary / thesaurus searches, phone directories, business directories, and more.

We continually identify relevant common law information using the most advanced search tools, techniques and strategies to ensure the most comprehensive search results.

Renewals expertise

In most jurisdictions and for most forms of registrable IP rights, it is necessary to pay periodic renewal fees to maintain the currency and enforceability of those rights.

Renewals are critically important to the effective management of any IP portfolio. If registered IP rights are not renewed in a timely manner, those rights can be irrevocably lost.  It can be easy to overlook the vulnerability and risk to any IP portfolio in this context.

For IP renewals we partner with CPA Global Limited. CPA Global specialises in the renewal of all forms of registrable IP rights including patents, trade marks, industrial designs and domain names, in all jurisdictions. It is one of the largest agencies of its type in the world, performing over one million IP renewals annually, with an impressive track record spanning 40 years.

CPA Global’s investment in advanced technologies and its purchasing power delivers reliable and cost-effective IP renewal services.

As shareholders in CPA Global, we maintain an active interest in the quality of service provided by CPA Global to our clients and act on feedback on any aspect of renewals.

Shelston IP search and watch experts

Shelston IP’s search and watch experts will formulate an appropriate search strategy, integrated with your overall business plans, to help guide your research, product development or brand strategies.

The right searching and watching strategy optimises the effectiveness of your IP protection and delivers a sustainable competitive advantage, while minimising any infringement risk upon prior rights.