Aerospace and Defence

The aerospace and defence industry is considered to be one of the most innovative sectors on every dimension – the originality and variety of its patents, the amount being invested in R&D, and the focus on securing and commercialising new and existing IP rights. The breath, volume and pace of innovation within this sector is simply staggering.


So, too, have these factors created intense competition, particularly as the gap widens between the dominant global corporations and smaller, predominantly listed, companies.

Shelston IP houses attorneys with deep expertise across all of the technical disciplines and technologies relevant to aerospace and defence:

  • aeronautical and aerospace engineering
  • mechanical engineering necessary to develop structures and electronics to improve aircraft assembly
  • digital signal processing and image/audio rendering, relevant to the performance and operation of flight simulators
  • antenna design, radio telescope signal processing, for satellite and space vehicle application
  • information technology, specific to civilian and military network-centric communications
  • photonics, as used in wing ice detection, reconfigurable add drop multiplexers (ROADMs), wake detection, beamforming arrays, optical sensing including Computer Tomography
  • signal processing, silicon array design, an essential element of propulsion systems and other green technologies
  • MEMS and nanotechnology.

We have the expertise and experience to support aerospace and defence clients to secure and commercialise Shelston IP supports clients in the aerospace and defence sector with:

  • patent protection
  • enforcement and audit
  • IP strategy
  • international patent portfolio management
  • commercialisation advice and licensing agreements
  • registered designs.

Shelston IP maintains close links with the Aerospace and Defence sector, including as a member of the Sydney Aerospace and Defence Interest Group (SADIG). Principal Caroline Bommer, whose previous experience includes the design of thermocouple and igniter systems for aeronautical gas turbine engines, is a member of the SADIG Innovation Committee.