Building and Construction Technology

In Australia, as in most other first world countries, there is a strong appetite for green technologies and nowhere is this more visible than in the building and construction industry. Whether the construction is of a new residential, commercial or industrial building, or the makeover of an existing structure, the incorporation of energy-efficient technologies is heavily demand-driven, if not mandated.


A growing number of private and public sector organisations are actively working toward reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint including, from a real estate perspective, by adopting and implementing:

  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Energy efficient lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • New technologies in building insulation and elevators
  • ‘Green’appliances and information and communication technologies.

At Shelston IP many of our patent attorneys possess technical qualifications which are relevant to building and construction technologies:

  • Engineering
  • Materials science
  • Process automation
  • Polymer science
  • Industrial chemistry.

Prior to qualifying as attorneys, a number of our professionals held roles with world-class developers of materials and technologies for the building and construction sector.