Cell Biology

The study of cells, their physiological properties, their structure/function, the organelles they contain, interactions with their environment, life cycle and death are encompassed in the field of research known as cell biology. Cell biology is crucial to a range of research disciplines, such as developmental biology, immunology, neuroscience, plant sciences, oncology, inflammatory diseases and stem cell technologies.


The attorneys in our life sciences team have a wealth of cell biology experience having conducted research in leading medical research institutes, including Max Planck Institute (Germany) and the Institut de Biochimie (Switzerland) as well as world-class hospitals including Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Our cell biology research expertise includes:

The research expertise of our intellectual property attorneys together with their professional IP-related experience enables them to deal with all aspects of cell biology patents and applications, including: drafting; prosecution; conducting opposition proceedings; and providing validity and infringement advice.