Computer Technology

Shelston IP prides itself of keeping at the cutting edge in relation to patentability of computer implemented technologies.  Recently, we have been engaged in a Federal Court appeal in relation to the Australian Patent Office’s treatment of patent applications in this space, representing our client Research Affiliates.  Our depth of understanding in terms of the heavily nuanced patentability landscape both locally and internationally is unsurpassed.


We practice regularly across a wide range of computer technologies, including:

  • Computer hardware, including microprocessor, memory, and peripheral device technologies
  • Complex processing techniques, including facial recognition, three dimensional imaging, cryptography, and audio processing
  • User interface technologies
  • Networking technologies, including both wired and wireless networking
  • Business software, including software used in accounting, finance, medical, building management and other fields
  • Educational software, including eLearning and online training tools
  • Web-based technologies, including search, social media, ecommerce, and website functionalities
  • Medical software, including scheduling and analytical methods
  • Mobile apps, and supporting infrastructure.

Our expertise in these fields is supported by a string understanding of the underlying commercial landscapes, which enables us to provide relevant strategic advice tailored to specific short and long term practical challenges facing particular clients.